WEB SITE - PERSONAL OR SMALL BUSINESS Web sites starting at $200 setup fee + $20/month! We develop web site of up to 5 pages, based on your text and images. You can opt to use our copywriter and photographer instead. We utilize our very own lightweight CMS to make it affordable for you and quick for us to develop your web site. It's built using cloud SQL-Server database, robust and scalable ASP.NET server platform and client-side Bootstrap UI components, making it responsive and modern-looking on wide range of mobile and desktop devices we use today. Currently available features (pages) are:
  • Hero-style home page with customizable layout
  • Pages of static content.
  • Pages with sub-pages.
  • Blog pages or other type of pages you can post new content to via provided form.
  • Contact form, which allows you to recieve and review text and images from clients.
  • Car inventory, which can be made into a gallery of products your business sells.
  • Details page about each item from an inventory or a gallery.
We can extend existing feature set based on your specific needs. Our CMS allows you to created custom web site content menu. You're granted full access to Control Center for your new website, including Inbox messages, Gallery items creation, Pages and paragrahs of website's main content, which you can easily master to keep your website free of errors and up-to-date. This is wonderful, because you don't need to keep paying us for making little changes now and then!